Youth Programming and Engagement

The purpose of the Youth Engagement & Programming workgroup is to coordinate a network that brings together youth workers to collaborate and develop local expertise on youth development, assets, issues and needs. We work to build stronger member capacity among youth workers to addressyouth advocacy on systemic issues and create a space where youth workers support one another.

Our goal is tohave a common understanding of authentic youth engagement principles among local youth workers while also creating a resource booklet with best practices and guidelines on youth engagement.

2014-2015 Priorities

  • Implement activities in the SDIP work plan
  • Identify training needs and provide training for youth workers
  • Conduct focus groups to identify youth issues and concerns
  • Identify youth worker best practices
  • Coordinate and collaborate a service plan across organizations to support a youth activity or event.
  • Build trust between the youth and youth workers

Workgroup Composition

Malvern Family Resource Centre, Toronto Public Library, Parks and Recreation, ASCA, TAIBU, and youth members fromMalvern


First Tuesday of every month 1 to 3 PM. Location varies.

For more information contact Samantha at