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In recent years, Malvern has been neglected in terms of transit improvements. The Sheppard East LRT was cancelled in 2010 and should have been completed in 2013. Construction was supposed to re-start in 2013 and finish in 2017 but has since been pushed back again to start in 2021 to finish in 2025. WE SUPPORT the Mayor’s new plan for Scarborough (diagram A) but want to see additional transit built north of the 401 (diagram B) with service to Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Toronto, Centennial College, Toronto Zoo, Malvern Town Centre & Rouge National Urban Park.

The Transportation Working Group of the 1LoveMalvern network is asking residents in Malvern and other communities to write and tweet our elected representatives asking for improved transit to come north of the 401 to serve north-east Scarborough.

Remember – there is $1 billion in committed funding from the provincial & federal governments for improved transit along Sheppard Avenue East for north-east Scarborough which is at risk and is being unused at the moment.

We are asking Scarborough residents & workers to send a message to their local councillors about the lack of transit for north-east Scarborough in the latest plans put forward by the Mayor, and to fast-track the construction of the Sheppard East LRT to help mobility to & from this part of the city.Email your local councillors (listed below) with the following message:

Write to:;;;;;;;;;;;;;

CC: (so we can keep track of the campaign)

Scarborough residents & workers want to see the following:

  • Study an extension from the final stop of the proposed Crosstown East LRT (at University of Toronto Scarborough) to Malvern Town Centre
  • Study how the proposed Scarborough Town Centre station on the Bloor-Danforth Extension can be connected to the Sheppard East LRT
  • Construction should begin on both projects as soon as possible providing better service to north-east Scarborough
  • Link Centennial College, Toronto Zoo, Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Toronto, Malvern Town Centre and Rouge National Urban Park to the new transit plan for Scarborough NOW!

[Please include your personal story about how improved transit can improve north-east Scarborough and how you would benefit from riding these new lines in your daily life]

Key contacts and social media campaign:

  • Download & tweet the image of the ‘better plan’to the Mayor’s office @JohnTory, Chief Planner @jen_keesmaat and TTC Chair @JoshColle
  • Include in your tweet A better plan for Malvern & NE Scarborough’
  • Remember to tag @1lovemalvern in your tweets! You can use the following hashtags:#topoli #TorontoTransit #TTC
  • For more information about this campaign, contact

Download the image to include it in your email.

Email Your Councillor to Bring Transit to Malvern!


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