Resident Engagement - Food Security

Malvern Action for Neighbourhood Change, a Building Strong Neighbourhood initiative of United Way, identified that food security was a concern among many of the neighbourhood residents. Responding to this need, a resident-led Revitalization Committee was formed in 2009. The group focuses on advancing local food security (through community gardens, fresh food markets, urban farms etc.) as well as building resident capacity to be active change makers in the community. The group also values the need to shape public spaces and understand its interaction with the community.

One Love Malvern (previously known as Malvern Neighbourhood Action Partnership (MNAP)) is a network of representatives from various agencies, institutions, organizations and residents working together to address important issues in the Malvern community. This table is a City of Toronto initiative, through which several focus areas were developed to support the community of Malvern: Youth Engagement & Programming, Community Safety & Youth Justice, Resident Engagement & Food Security, Employment & Training and Education. Funding is provided through the City of Toronto’s Service Development Investment Program (SDIP), a 3 year grant to support each of the workgroup priorities, ending in September 2016.

The Resident Engagement & Food Security Workgroup, formed in 2014, brings together residents, local service providers, partner agencies and city representatives to address local poverty and food security issues and strengthen the food network in Malvern. By engaging the diverse population in Malvern and building capacity of residents, we intend to improve access to local services, including affordable and healthy food.

The Revitalization Committee and the Food Security Workgroup work together, leveraging the knowledge of residents and resources & capacity of stakeholders to collectively address food security needs in the broader Malvern community.

2016-2017 Priorities:

  • Develop a formal group governance structure in collaboration with partner agencies andresidents; future structure of work group will be reviewed in August 2016
  • Implement the food procurement and local services access plan with assistance of localbusinesses, community gardens and neighbourhood agencies to support different foodprograms in Malvern
  • Identify gaps in community capacity and knowledge and provide necessary trainingopportunities
  • Enable community members to take co-leadership of local initiatives such as the communitygardens, food markets and community food events
  • Promote awareness and encourage engagement of residents in food-focused economicdevelopment activities such as the urban farm and catering network in the neighbourhood
  • Connect members to city-wide resources and networks to promote collective local action


Last Tuesdays of every month 6:15 to 8 PM. Location varies. For more information, contact

You can download the Food Security Workgroup Terms of Reference to see what direction the group is taking this year.